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While we love sending our rocks to fishmongers and eateries, nothing makes us happier than being able to send 'live nudes' direct to the people of Australia. Yep for your shucking pleasure, we now harvest oysters direct from our farm and send them straight to your front door. But does the thought of ordering a live seafood product terrify you? Aaah hell yes?! Well, we have answered all your curly questions below, so keep reading...


So that you receive the freshest possible oysters we harvest to order. Please specify the desired delivery date during checkout, otherwise, we’ll ship your order at the next available opportunity. Please bear in mind that harvesting oysters takes time. We have to contend with mother nature and tides so we can't always get to them when we want.  Order here


Delivery times vary from 2-7 days depending on the day and time you order and of course your location. We obviously do our absolute best to get your orders out the door as close to next day as possible but sometimes this is not realistic. Postage generally happens from Monday-Wednesday. We don't post on Thursdays or Fridays, as we don't want your oyster loot sitting idle in a depot over the weekend. 

To keep things relaxed, we cover all shipping expenses Australia wide. Sydney, some regional NSW locations, Newcastle, Wollongong and Melbourne Metro orders ship with an overnight courier. Everywhere else we use Australia Post Express. Obviously using Australia Post takes longer so please factor this in when ordering if you need it for a specific date and time. Actually if you need oysters by a certain time and you're a little unsure about delivery times, then just give us a buzz and we will talk you though it. Easy done. And finally, we only ship to locations within Australia.


Our oysters are delivered live (unopened). Our thermal packaging ensures optimal in-transit temperature and as a side bonus is sustainable, recyclable & carbon neutral. Unpack the box. Put the oysters in a damp hessian sack (provided and keep them in a cool dark spot. They will love somewhere dark and dank like under your laundry sink. Never re-introduce oysters to the in don't hang them off your boat or soak them in seawater. If they stink (really bad) it's probably just a rogue oyster. Tap the oysters together until you find a hollow sounding one. Discard in a shitty neighbours bin, cause it will reek.


Store the oysters in a cool dark spot but DO NOT Refrigerate! I repeat DO NOT refrigerate. Yes, we know that sounds unconventional and on the contrary to how you handle every other seafood, but trust us on this one. Rock oysters (Saccostrea Glomerata) don't like the cold. We occasionally have sweltering weather in Summer so if you are worried (and it's boiling inside your house) only then should you put the hessian sack in the veggie crisper. But honestly, it's probably not necessary.

Shelf Life

Oysters are without a doubt one of the great eating pleasures of the world, but did you know that these gnarly little creatures have a phenomenal natural shelf life and can survive out of the water unopened for up to 14 days? True story. They come complete with their own housing, liquor and serious security system. Besides the farming practice has conditioned them to spend long amounts of time in shutdown mode out of the water. 


Your oysters are alive until you shuck them so we highly recommend shucking to order. Although once shucked For the Love of Oysters consume within 12 hours. Discard any oysters that are gaped open before shucking (even slightly) because this means the oyster has perished. If you're at all doubtful about the safety or age of the oyster, either cook it or throw it out. Consume unopened oysters within 13 days of receiving. Oh and we also recommend that you learn to dry shuck (ie don't rinse) they taste better. And we mean WAYYYYY better! 

Click here for our must-have Oyster Killing Manifesto


We are at the mercy of mother nature and sometimes experience unexpected lake closures. Full refunds will be issued if orders can't be fulfilled. Check out our Terms & Conditions for the boring fine print. Any questions just give us a call


Can I visit? Of course, we love meeting new friends but it’s just the two of us running the farm, so chances are if we aren’t in the Shed, we are on the water chilling with our crop. The best course of action is to ring ahead to check if we are about or book in a time to visit.

Do we sell oysters from our farm? Yes, we sell unshucked oysters to takeaway

Why don’t we sell shucked oysters? We want you to enjoy your oysters as close to their natural state as possible so we would prefer you learn to shuck to order. Besides learning how to shuck is an excellent party trick.


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