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Our Story

The Pambula Oyster Co. adventure started back in 2014 when slightly insane duo Mark and Leicia McKillop had a bright idea to ditch their day jobs and blow their entire life savings on buying an oyster farm, so they could live their best life on the Sapphire Coast. They thought life with their two daughters and very lazy pug could be simpler, less stressful and most of all fun. Just quietly, they were right.


But how the heck does a dude that climbs power poles and a chick that drills oil wells for a living end up at Pambula Lake farming oysters? Bizarrely it was a simple case of right place, right time. Well, not exactly that simple, more like “my friend from work knows a guy, that knows another guy, that knows my dad, who works with a guy whose nephew is an oyster farmer” series of events and "BOOM" Pambula Oyster Co. arrived. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the food-obsessed pair were both die-hard oyster lovers.


Yeah, a sea change to the middle of nowhere seemed wildly reckless and batshit crazy but the challenge suited the (slightly) headstrong pair. Fast forward 9 years and that pipe dream of living and working on the water, slinging oysters is their reality and they couldn’t be more at home.



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