Pambula Oyster Co. are a massive HELL YES to providing wholesale pricing to our Hospo family who are wanting to offer our oysters to their customers. Easiest way to do this is to call us (Leicia 0402760647). Yep, I know, it might feel a little 1980s of us to make such a request. 


This is is a minimum order quantity and you much hold a valid ABN. Please fill out the form and we will contact you with the lowdown ASAP.




So we have managed to twist your arm and convinced you to order. Perfect. So this page is for our Chef friends who want to order on the regular but can't commit to locking in a standing order? No problem, because we have introduced easy as online ordering. Gone are the days of texting, emailing and calling through your order (not that we don't love chatting with your guys, but ain't nobody got time for that!!). Just a couple of clicks and your weekly, fortnightly or random order is done.


Upon ordering, you will receive instant email confirmation and your oyster loot will be coming in hot (every Tuesday or Thursday). We told ya, hassle free restaurant ordering.

***No payment required in this step